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Who is Kennedy Blades? Arizonan wrestling her way to the Olympics

With a name like Kennedy Blades, she was destined to become an Olympian and now the Arizona athlete is living out her dream.

PHOENIX — Kennedy Blades loves the Arizona sunshine, so maybe there’s no better place for her to prepare for the 2024 Summer Olympic Games in Paris.

You’ll see her compete in Paris in Women’s Wrestling.

Blades attends ASU and trains there with Phoenix-based Sunkist Kids Wrestling Club. 

It’s been her dream to go to the Olympics ever since she was a little kid in Chicago. 

“Honestly, I think it’s just such an honor to represent the Best Country. And I’ve had this dream since I was seven years old, as a little girl,” said Blades.

As she prepares to compete, she can’t help but think about the people who have helped to get her to this moment.

“Without my family, I feel like this wouldn’t be possible. I think just having a strong rock behind you is the biggest thing of success,” said Blades.

Blades credits some friendly, sibling rivalry with her sister who is only ten months apart with keeping her competitive edge alive.

“My dad taught us boxing when we were like, three and four. But then my mom was like, Alright, we got to put them in a sport. So then they both decided we’re doing jujitsu because they believe that a combat sport would be better for us to like, because we have so much energy. So they’re like, We need to train you guys,” shared Blades.

Now all the energy and passion is fueling her goal of bringing home gold this summer.

Blades has a Go Fund Me account set up as she is raising money to bring her family with her to Paris. She said it’s so important to her for them to continue this journey with her since they’ve been her rock since the beginning.

You can find a link to that here.

You can watch Kennedy Blades compete towards the end of the Olympic Games in early August.

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