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We’re Gonna Make The Best Album We Can Make This Year

A cohesive, full-length studio album from the Biohazard‘s classic lineup hasn’t been seen since 2005’s Means to an End. However, according to bassist/vocalist Evan Seinfeld, we might have a brand new effort hitting our ears by the end of this year.

In a new interview with El Planeta Del Rock, Seinfeld elaborated on the prospect of new music in the pipeline: “We just begin writing. We’re working on our process on a couple of really cool songs, and when something is special enough and we are excited about it, I imagine we’ll release a single before releasing an album, but there’s a full-length album in the works. That’s the mission…

“We wanna go into the studio and really lock ourselves down like we used to do in the ’90s and spend some time really making a strong album. For us, it’s not about one song, one song. Making an album is still something that we care about.”

Seinfeld acknowledged the changing landscape of music consumption, but stayed true to Biohazard‘s core values: “I know it’s not the popular way of doing things. How many people buy new albums by artists and listen to the whole album from beginning to end? Young people don’t really ingest music like that so much. But Biohazard is about authenticity. We do what we do, and we’re gonna make the best album we can make in 2024, and hopefully get it out by the end of the year.”

Guitarist Bobby Hambel recently explained the band was getting hungry to record new music after playing live again, while Seinfeld revealed that their ideas are not limited to a new record alone, but they are also plotting a documentary, new merch, and a tour.

Color us excited.

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