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We ain’t free ‘til we all free

Lizzo has spoken out and shared her support for Palestine, Sudan, the Democratic Republic of Congo and college protesters.

The musician took to Instagram yesterday (May 13) to show her support in a video addressing the various conflicts taking place.

“I just want to take a second and give a personal thank you to all of the activists who have been working tirelessly to help the liberation and the freedom of the people who have been genocided all over the world, specifically Palestine, Sudan and the Congo,” she said.

“As someone who has worked closely with activists, I know the toll it can take on your mental and your physical and it can feel thankless so if you have not heard it today, thank you. Your work is not in vain. You have helped so many people, you have saved literal lives and, on a personal note, you have activated me.”

The singer also noted how seeing activists across the world has been “motivating” her amidst her “deep, dark depression” which she’s experienced over the last year. The singer recently hit out against online trolls in an announcement she had “quit” in March. Lizzo later clarified she meant “quit giving any negative energy attention”, and not music as many initially believed.

In the video, Lizzo shared: “I’m not saying this to make excuses, nor do I want sympathy. I just haven’t been able to be transparent with y’all in a long time. This has been weighing on my heart to share with y’all. The people in my life who love and care about me, they helped me get out of this dark space.

“I appreciate them, kind words from people on the internet, they really motivated me, but also the activism that I’ve been seeing has been extremely motivating. Y’all have really motivated me to get my ass up and get back to who I am.”

Lizzo ended her Instagram video by highlighting college protesters along with Operation Olive Brach, who help connect people with struggling Palestinian families. “I have been reaching out to activists seeing how I can help and stay tuned for more information on how you can help these ongoing genocides in the world because we ain’t free ’til we all free,” she said.

In recent news, the dancers suing Lizzo for sexual harassment responded to her recent announcement that she’s “quitting”, calling it a “joke”.

The message came after Lizzo’s request to dismiss her upcoming sexual harassment and discrimination lawsuit was denied by a judge in February. Lizzo was originally sued in August 2023, having been accused of creating a hostile work environment and sexual harassment at a strip club in Amsterdam.

In response, Lizzo said she was “hurt” and called the allegations “false”. Since the first lawsuit, lawyers have reviewed more complaints from other backup dancers. Lizzo was also named in a new lawsuit from a former hairstylist in September, which she further moved to dismiss.

Lizzo’s first lawsuit has now been ruled to go ahead in its entirety towards a trial. Though her lawyers initially filed to dismiss the lawsuit “in its entirety” in September 2023 under California’s anti-SLAPP statute (“strategic lawsuits against public participation”), an LA judge ruled that the lawsuit did not fit into anti-SLAPP legislation.

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