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Watch Noel Gallagher refuse to do the Poznan in sea of celebrating Man City fans

Noel Gallagher has been spotted refusing to do the Poznan in a sea of celebrating Man City fans – watch him down below.

The former Oasis member was seen attending the recent Man City vs Fulham game, which saw his beloved team win 4-0 and moving them closer to the top of the Premier League table.

However, unlike the huge swathe of Man City fans surrounding him, Gallagher refused to join in doing the Poznan (where fans link arms, turn away from the pitch and begin bouncing). Check out the clip below:

Earlier this year, the former Oasis guitarist revealed that he was in the process of recording an entirely acoustic album, which he said would be “for the fans” and that he had completed six songs already.

However, in April he revealed that he had scrapped the acoustic album, saying he couldn’t “fucking do it anymore”.

“I was so bored with the arrangement of it all and the kind of slow pace of it all and, actually what made me think, right fuck it, I’m not doing it,” he reasoned.

“It was too down. Acoustic tunes tend to be quite down. I need to make a defiant rock record and that’s what I’m gonna do. Sorry everyone. I do apologise if anyone had their hearts set on it.”

Last year, NME sat down with the man himself to talk about his album ‘Council Skies‘. In that interview, he opened up about the titular track, telling us: “The song is about trying to find young love on a council estate, something of which I can speak with fairly heavy authority, but you’d have to take the album on a track-by-track basis, really. If there’s one overriding word to describe it, it’s ‘reflective’.

“All the dreams I had growing up underneath the council skies sparked off a lot of things for me, but it was written in that god-awful period in lockdown. In isolation in those nine months where there was nothing to do, nowhere to go and no one to see. Everybody dealt with it personally differently. I came on to my own personal life, asking ‘How have I got here?’ It’s reflective more than anything about childhood.”

In other news, Noel Gallagher has shared “two hours of music, anecdotes, and impressions” of Paul Weller.

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