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VULVODYNIA Recruits BODYSNATCHER’s Vocalist For New Single “Adamaster”

Vulvodynia is now streaming their new single “Adamaster”, made all the heavier by Kyle Medina of Bodysnatcher. The new single is from Vulvodynia‘s upcoming record Entabani due out July 5, which features additional guest spots from Damonteal Harris of PeelingFlesh and David Simonich of Signs Of The Swarm.

“Adamaster, the Titan of the Cape, a mythological creature punished by the Gods to guard the ocean surrounding Cape Town, South Africa,” said Vulvodynia of the single. “This song also features a guest vocal appearance from Kyle Medina of Bodysnatcher, who delivers a crushing feature at the climax of the song.”

On the record itself, the band elaborated: “Entabani is a very important album for us, it sees us at crossroads in our career. We’ve fully embraced the idea of writing as a collective, exploring every member’s ideas, experiences and formed them all together to create what we think is our most ambitious album yet. We wanted to explore the concept of African folklore on this album and based a lot of the songs off of old stories found in poems, books and even through word of mouth from our vocalist Lwandile‘s older family members.”

Pre-orders are available here.

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