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Video shows car spinning in air after crash in Phoenix

Officials with the Phoenix Police Department said the people who were inside the vehicle ran from the scene after the crash.

PHOENIX — Officials with the Phoenix Police Department are looking for the people who ran away from the scene of a wild car crash that was caught on video. 

The crash happened just after 7:30 p.m. Monday near I-17 and Cactus Road. 

Daniel Miller’s home surveillance camera captured the entire incident. The video shows a car speeding down Cholla Street, jumping a curb, and flying into the pole.

“Power goes out and then comes back on with this scene, which is about 2 and a half hours later,” Miller said. 

Miller said he was watching TV in his living room just a few hundred feet from where the crash happened.

“I heard a little bit screeching sounds, and then started feeling and hearing shaking,” Miller said. “I heard a bzz, pow and bright light throughout the entire house,” Miller said.

No one was injured, but Miller said he’s still in shock he lived to tell the story.

“It could’ve jumped over that wall and hit me,” Miller said. “It scared me. I was shaking.”

This may be the scariest crash, but Miller said it certainly isn’t the first.

“I hear screeching every day,” Miller said. “It’s a common occurrence out here.”

He installed cameras outside of his home to capture moments like this.

“I get a lot of footage,” Miller said. “Every single day there’s a couple people doing donuts right here and they go 45,55 mph. Sometimes faster up and down this road.”

No arrests have been made, Phoenix police said, and the crash is still under investigation. It is not known if anyone was injured in the crash. 

Miller said he’s tried to petition for speed bumps in the past, but wasn’t successful.

He’s hoping the City of Phoenix sees the video from this most recent crash and does something to curb the issue.

“I really do we need change.  It’s gonna be worse next time I know it is, it’s only gonna get worse,” Miller said.

Phoenix Police told 12News they are investigating the crash. The driver ran away from the crash before police arrived. No arrests have been made.

Officials with the Phoenix Police Department said the people who were in the vehicle ran from the scene after the crash.

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