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Vasiliy Lomachenko vs. George Kambosos full fight video highlights

Watch Vasiliy Lomachenko vs. George Kambosos full fight video highlights from their main event, courtesy of ESPN and other outlets.

Lomachenko vs. Kambosos took place May 11 at the RAC Arena in Perth, Australia. Vasiliy Lomachenko (18-3) faced off against George Kambosos (21-3) in the night’s main event. The fight aired live on ESPN and ESPN+.

Check out Lomachenko vs. Kambosos highlights below.

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Round 1: Kambosos takes the center of the ring and begins pressuring forward. Right hand to the body by Kambosos. Lomachenko doubles up his jab. Kambosos swings hard to the body. They trade one-twos. Very measured pace from both men. Lomachenko hammers a three-punch combination into Kambosos. Lomachenko slides away from a pair of combinations, then answers with a hard shot of his own. MMA Fighting scores it 10-9 Lomachenko.

Round 2: Both fighters circling and downloading information. Kambosos swings a right to the midsection. Nice one-two from Lomachenko. Kambosos whiffs a flurry to get out of the corner. Lomachenko continues to pressure. Lomachenko darts inside with a three-punch combination. Kambosos flicks out his jab. Lomachenko eats a nasty right hand to the body. That was Kambosos’ best shot of the night. Lomachenko swarms to retake control. MMA Fighting scores it 10-9 Lomachenko. (20-18 Lomachenko.)

Round 3: Lomachenko flicks out his jab, testing his distance. Kambosos rushes inside with a right hand that misses. Lomachenko is a surgeon. Perfect right hand by Lomachenko. And again with the left. He’s flummoxing Kambosos right now. Three-punch combination by Lomachenko. Kambosos lands a short left hook inside the pocket. Kambosos gets a warning for a right hand to the body — that did not look low, and the crowd agrees. We’re back and Lomachenko flurries. Nice exchange in the center of the ring. They are firing! Big shots from both men! Now we’re talking. MMA Fighting scores it 10-9 Lomachenko. (30-27 Lomachenko.)

Round 4: Lomachenko pressures Kambosos into the ropes. He’s taking his time here, measuring distance and setting traps. Not much action as both men wait for the other to make a move. Kambosos finally fires off a hard straight right. Lomachenko shoots straight the pipe with a jab. Lomachenko is flowing like crazy in here, beautiful sequence of movement from the former champ. Oh, nasty shot up top by Lomachenko! He’s head-hunting now. Lomachenko easily evades a body shot. One-two from Lomachenko, followed by a dazzling left hand! Kambosos didn’t see that coming at all. Kambosos bullrushes into a flurry by misses. This is all Lomachenko. MMA Fighting scores it 10-9 Lomachenko. (40-36 Lomachenko.)

Round 5: That’s a 21-1 advantage in punches landed for Lomachenko in that last round. That’s wild. Lomachenko is currently the -2500 favorite to win this fight. Good lord. Kambosos needs to switch something up QUICK. Lomachenko smacks him with a gorgeous two-piece. Kambosos works to the body. Even at age 36, Lomachenko’s footwork is just a joy to watch. Lomachenko fires off a one-two. Lomachenko sends Kambosos flying with a left hand. That was a good one. Another nasty right hand at the horn. MMA Fighting scores it 10-9 Lomachenko. (50-45 Lomachenko.)

Round 6: Lomachenko is feeling himself, and for good reason — 73-16 advantage in total punches landed thus far. Lomachenko sticks a stiff left in Kambosos’ face. Nice counter left hook by Kambosos off a missed Lomachenko flurry. Kambosos starting to come alive a bit now — he smacks a left hand into Lomachenko’s body. Jab by Kambosos. And again to the body. Lomachenko eats a hard left to the jaw. Kambosos is finally letting his hands go and he’s finding success. MMA Fighting scores it 10-9 Kambosos. (59-55 Lomachenko.)

Round 7: We’re at the halfway point and this is a clear Lomachenko fight, but Kambosos may have found something in that sixth round. They trade straight punches. These announcers are just crushing Kambosos though. Yikes. Lomachenko pressures him into the ropes and smacks him good. Huge leaping hook by Kambosos whiffs HARD and Kambosos just straight up falls. Not a knockdown, but also not a good look. Lomachenko cracks him with a right hand. Lomachenko goes to the body. Hard hook lands for Lomachenko. MMA Fighting scores it 10-9 Lomachenko. (69-64 Lomachenko.)

Round 8: Kambosos is landing at a paltry 17-percent clip compared to Lomachenko’s 52 percent right now. That feels right. Lomachenko wades forward with his jab. He snaps Kambosos’ head back several times in a row with that jab. Lomachenko bloodies Kambosos’ nose with another series of jabs. Oof, nasty right hand by Lomachenko off the end of a combination. Back to the body for Lomachenko. Kambosos is swinging at ghosts in there. Heavy left hand to the jaw by Lomachenko. Left hand by Lomachenko. Kambosos is starting to leak badly from his head. MMA Fighting scores it 10-9 Lomachenko. (79-73 Lomachenko.)

Round 9: Lomachenko paws out his jab, measuring distance. Kambosos tries to double up his jab and get something going, but Lomachenko defends. Nice bodywork by Lomachenko followed by a stiff left over the top. Kambosos nails Lomachenko with a hard body shot but Lomachenko immediately answers. Lomachenko is stifling here. He isn’t giving this man an inch of space to figure this out. Big three-piece from Lomachenko. Oh man, he’s pelting Kambosos with punches. Kambosos misses badly with a lunging punch. They trade in the center of the ring and Lomachenko gets the better of it. MMA Fighting scores it 10-9 Lomachenko. (89-82 Lomachenko.)

Round 10: Lomachenko smacks Kambosos hard with a straight right that causes sweat to go flying. Lomachenko paws out his jab and tests distance. Lomachenko is seemingly unhittable right now, he looks 10 steps ahead of Kambosos. Two-piece to the dome for Lomachenko. This Australian crowd has been completely taken out of it. Big left hand to the head for Lomachenko, and again. Lomachenko easily ducks under a right hook. Kambosos’ right eye is a total mess. MMA Fighting scores it 10-9 Lomachenko. (99-91 Lomachenko.)

Round 11: This honestly feels like a complete mismatch at this point. To that, 157-38 advantage for landed punches in Lomachenko’s favor. Lomachenko sneaks a left hand through the guard. Kambosos finally finds a home for a looping right hand. Lomachenko with the one-two. Left hand by Lomachenko. Hard left hand. Huge left hand to the liver by Lomachenko! And Kambosos takes a knee! Oh boy. Kambosos gets back to his feet but Lomachenko swarms and crushes another flurry to the liver! DOWN GOES KAMBOSOS AGAIN!!! This one is over! Wow. That was ferocious. The old warhorse is champ once again.

Official result: Vasiliy Lomachenko def. George Kambosos via eleventh-round TKO

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