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These Motherf*ckers Are Out To Kill Us

Coal Chamber guitarist Miguel “Meegs” Rascón vividly remembers touring with a very young Slipknot back in 1999. Or more specifically, how Slipknot made Coal Chamber immediately step their game up.

In an interview with the Garza Podcast, Rascón recalled the first show they did with Slipknot, saying he immediately ran onto Coal Chamber‘s bus to let everyone know they were probably fucked.

Slipknot comes up and looking like they were back then, all really scraggly with all these torn shit and masks and all that. Dude, they fucking like blew my shit. I saw a few songs. I went to my bus yeah and I yelled at [Coal Chamber], I go ‘if we don’t do anything tonight, we’re dead. Because these motherfuckers are out to kill us. No shit.’ They’re like ‘what do you mean? What do you mean?’ So I said ‘get out of the bus and go see this shit.’

“They went in there and they came out like, white. I was like ‘fuck dude, we got to do something.’ We did. We kind of amped up our game, but that’s what I’m talking about – like, having a little more ‘oomph’ in your fire, you know?”

Rascón later noted that Coal Chamber getting their asses sonically kicked was a good thing, but it was still rough: “That was not good for me. I mean, for us it was good because we amped it up, but it was bad in the day because it was like, these guys were on fire. Slipknot back then was on fire.”

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