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See Trailer For BILLY CORGAN’s New Unscripted Series ‘Adventures In Carnyland’

A trailer for “Billy Corgan’s Adventures In Carnyland”, the new eight-episode unscripted series from Nacelle (“The Movies That Made Us”, Disney‘s “Behind the Attraction”, “Icons Unearthed”) and Billy Corgan, can be seen below.

“Billy Corgan’s Adventures In Carnyland” is set to premiere on the CW app and cwtv.com on May 14.

When he isn’t churning out albums and touring the world with his legendary band THE SMASHING PUMPKINS, Corgan is also a wrestling promoter who owns the storied National Wrestling Alliance (NWA),which he intends to restore to its former glory. As if being a rock star navigating the demanding politics of running both a band (Pumpkinworld) and a group of eccentric wrestlers (Carnyland) isn’t tricky enough, Billy is also a father of two and he’s planning a wedding to his longtime partner Chloe. Can he possibly keep all these balls in the air? Tune in to “Billy Corgan’s Adventures In Carnyland” to find out!

The Grammy Award-winning artist Corgan stands out as a musician, producer, songwriter, poet, wrestling promoter, and café owner. A lifelong wrestling aficionado, he owns and serves as president of the National Wrestling Alliance — home to a dynamic roster and bombastic pay-per-view spectacles. In the studio, he has notably collaborated with everyone from Tony Iommi of BLACK SABBATH, Rick Ocasek, CHEAP TRICK, Ray Davies, NEW ORDER, Marianne Faithful and SCORPIONS to KORN, PHANTOGRAM, THE VERONICAS and CODE ORANGE. He notably owns Madame ZuZu’s Tea House in Highland Park where he often performs intimate surprise sets.

Chloe Mendel is an entrepreneur celebrated for her leadership as CEO of Madame ZuZus, a beloved plant-based destination offering fine tea, live music, and curated retail experiences. In addition to steering marketing efforts for THE SMASHING PUMPKINS, she plays a pivotal role in directing operations at House Of Gilles, a luxury fashion house founded in collaboration with her renowned father, Gilles Mendel. Committed to family, Chloe is married to Billy Corgan and cherishes her role as a devoted mother to Augustus Juppiter and Philomena Clementine. Her influence extends globally, highlighted by her recognition as one of Positive Luxury‘s “Women to Watch” in 2022.

Corgan continues to deepen the storied mythos and legacy of NWA — one of the oldest and most prestigious professional wrestling brands in the world. He has carefully curated matches and sought out exciting new talent, building a haven for future superstars to shine with attitude, integrity, power, and panache.

“Rebuilding the historic NWA brand has been both an honor and challenge, and this show opens the doors wide so to speak,” said Billy Corgan. “To reveal the glory and the grit needed to thrive in a winner-take-all sport. It’s not always pretty, but I’m proud of what we have accomplished thus far.”

“I’m thrilled to share an inside look into our family’s wild life through the world of wrestling and rock and roll,” added Chloe Mendel.

The series is directed by Brian Volk-Weis and Ian Roumain, who also serve as executive producers alongside Billy Corgan, Chloe Mendel, Cisco Henson and Benjamin J. Frost.

Photo credit: Jason Renaud

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