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Refused cancel final festival gig in Sweden due to frontman suffering a “massive heart attack”

Refused have cancelled their final festival performance in Sweden due to frontman Dennis Lyxzén suffering from “a massive heart attack”.

However, Lyxzén took to social media to announce their festival appearance was cancelled. On Instagram, Lyxzén took a photo of himself in a hospital bed, explaining he had “a massive heart attack at my hotel room” that morning, calling it “extremely painful and wildly scary.”

“Thanks [to] the wonderful doctors and nurses at the Uppsala hospital I’m still around to fight another day,” he added. “Under the circumstances I feel ok. Sore and tired and really shook up. I [sic] real really hate cancelling show but the doctor said no rock for a couple of weeks.”

Lyxzén then wrote that due to his heart attack, the Refused show was cancelled, adding that it was “a complete bummer as I was really looking forward to it. But hopefully I/we will be able to make up to you soon.”

He concluded his post: “The good news is that with medication I can get back to my rocking self hopefully sooner than later. Life is weird and precious. Take care of each and tell your loved ones that you love them.”

The band’s last release was their 2020 EP ‘The Malignant Fire‘. It was their fourth release since reuniting in 2014, following the albums ‘Freedom’ and ‘War Music’, and the EP ‘Servants Of Death’.

Speaking to NME in 2019, Refused’s frontman discussed how the band’s politics had changed over the years.

“I think if you’re static in your political ideas, that’s not a good thing,” he said. “I think the foundation, with me, is more-or-less the same though. We’re still very anti-capitalist, pro-feminist and the like. Sadly, I think the ideas we were talking about in 1995 are still pretty relevant today. I think what’s changed for me is that I don’t take every fight anymore.

“When I was younger I was, ‘fuck this, fuck that, fuck everything’ and now I’m older, I just can’t do that. I’m more focused in my politics now. Oh, and I dunno, when we were younger, being straightedge was very important to us because drinking was such an integral part of the culture we found ourselves opposed to. Now we’re older it’s not as important to us anymore.”

NME reviewed their album ‘War Music’ back in 2019, giving the record five stars and calling it “a perfect microcosm of everything brilliant punk ever was – and what it can continue to be.”

In other news, Refused were one of the many Swedish artists who have called for Israel to be banned from this year’s Eurovision Song Contest.

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