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Ramiz Brahimaj reveals nasty injury jeopardized career

LAS VEGAS – The clouds hovering above Ramiz Brahimaj have dissipated.

For the first time since February 2022, Brahimaj (10-4 MMA, 2-2 UFC) has made it to fight week, just a few days out from his UFC Fight Night 241 clash with Themba Gorimbo (12-4 MMA, 2-1 UFC).

Twenty-seven months away from competition was difficult to cope with, never mind the physical effects from the spinal injury he dealt with much of that duration. Despite suggestions from some physicians to undergo surgery, Brahimaj elected to partake in intensive physical therapy instead.

It paid off.

“Pinch me. I’m dreaming,” a beaming Brahimaj laughed as he spoke to reporters Wednesday at pre-fight news conference. “… This place is my home and I’m happy. I’m excited. It’s surreal. It’s going to feel amazing.”

With a new appreciation for his career, and perhaps life as a whole, Brahimaj says the tough times are what gave him such clarity and serenity.

“I’m not trying to be like the wise owl here or anything like that,” Brahimaj said. “But life and all of its circumstances, no matter how hard they may be or even good, I’m a testament to this; a lot of times in my darkest hours and through the most turbulence or whatever you want to say, I’ve come to find out who other people are but most importantly who I am. I think you’ve got to be your biggest hero. You’ve got to be your biggest supporter. You’ve got to have your back more than anybody else has your back because, ultimately, you’re the only person who’s in your skin. You’re the only person who goes to sleep at night with your thoughts and with your feelings and with everything.

“I’m not superhuman. I’m a regular person at heart. Understand? I’m a very normal person. If I could give any words of encouragement to anybody it’s if I can do it, 100 percent anybody else can do it. If you have doubts about how you look, how you feel, what other people think about you – pardon my French – but f*ck all that. Forget it. Who cares about that stuff? Be confident. Be comfortable in who you are. Trust the process and stay the course, because a lot of beautiful things happen with that. I’ve noticed a lot of beautiful things happening in my life. After the dark clouds and the rain always comes sunshine. It’s good. I’m happy.”

Though a lot of his process was done internally, Brahimaj’s recovery wasn’t accomplished alone. He credits his family, team, and Fortis MMA head coach Sayif Saud for helping get back to the UFC cage.

“I could sit here. I could shed a tear. I could be all emotional and angry and have everything going through me,” Brahimaj said. “But that’s not the way I choose to look at it. … I adapt to overcome. That’s it. That’s just who I am as a human being. I think that’s why it’s brought me to this place I’m at now.

“I just find peace in the calm and I just enjoy every single day of this training camp. Now, I’m enjoying every single day of this fight week. Leading up to that fight, I’m going to enjoy every single minute, every single moment walking into that octagon, being inside of that octagon, handling business, up until I get the job done Saturday night. That’s it.”

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