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Proposed marijuana grow in rural Boulder County sparks concerns for neighbors

BOULDER COUNTY — Some people living in Coal Creek Canyon are calling on Boulder County commissioners to say “No” to a marijuana processing and retail facility coming to the middle of the forest.

“This area is not set up for it. We don’t have the resources and the infrastructure to support it. It’s an inconsistent use of the land when it’s nestled among a bunch of residential houses,” said Keith Duff, living about a quarter of a mile away from the proposed site.

The business would take over the Eldora Lodge, built in 1963 and used as a hotel for decades up until several years ago.

Reptar 1783 LLC, the company proposing the business, submitted the original application in September. Denver7 reached out to the company for comment via email and phone and has not heard back.

After making several adjustments, the company resubmitted an application in January, which was ultimately recommended for approval by the Boulder Community Planning & Permitting Department (CPP). The application addressed several of the concerns raised by neighbors, including water usage, fire danger, and security.

The Board of County Commissioners (BOCC) has the final say when it comes to whether the application is approved. After backlash from community members, the BOCC is holding a public hearing on Tuesday at 1 p.m. before making a decision.

“I’ve never heard anything negative about that being used as a lodge,” said Pam Ling, who has lived near the lodge for nearly 20 years.

Ling and other neighbors insist they are not concerned with another small business coming to the lodge. Instead, they are concerned about processing marijuana in the area.

“If there’s a fire, it’s going to affect the entire canyon, it’s going to affect the forest,” said Ling.

Several neighbors pointed their concerns to a note in a document provided by the Coal Creek Canyon Fire Protection District to the commissioners, citing in part:

  1. The heavily forested rural location with an extreme wildfire risk.
  2. The high fire hazard presented by marijuana facilities.
Screenshot 2024-05-31 172005.png

Boulder County

In a letter to the commissioners, Division Chief Jason Oehlkers with the Boulder County Sheriff’s Office wrote, “I do not know the average patrol deputy response time to this address/area, however, I suspect it is 20 plus minutes for an emergency for a single deputy. Multiple deputies will take longer. Each homeowner or business owner can take steps to proactively lessen the chance of being a victim to a crime. The Sheriff’s Office can not force or mandate that steps are taken or followed to lessen the chance of being a victim or reducing crime rates in an area. Some of the commenters are correct in that there was a triple homicide in the same area related to marijuana distribution.”

A spokesperson for the BOCC said no one can comment on the issue until a final decision has been made.



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