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Premiere set for the Lakota dub of 'The Avengers'

Kenneth Manual, manager of the Gila River Indian Community’s four casinos and two resorts, reflects on the 30th anniversary of the opening of its first casino.

The Native American Boarding School Healing Coalition works to address the wounds of a troubled era. The organization has just released a new tool in their work. It is the first piece of what will eventually be a comprehensive database of the institutions designed to forcibly assimilate Native children. Stewart Huntington caught up with archivist Fallon Carey to talk about the National Indian Boarding School Digital Archive.

A favorite Disney and Marvel movie will be re-released on Disney Plus soon. It’s “The Avengers” dubbed in Lakota. It’s from the Lakota Language Reclamation Project on the Standing Rock Reservation. ICT’s Leah Mesquita and Shirley Sneve talked with the creators of the translation project. It premieres May 31 in McLaughlin, South Dakota. Other screenings in North Dakota and South Dakota are planned before the June 14 worldwide premiere on Disney Plus.

  • Native American employees at the University of South Dakota have been warned to stop adding their tribal affiliation in their email signatures. A branding policy was cited by the Board of Regents as the reason for warning John Little and Megan Red Shirt-Shaw to stop. These kinds of anti-diversity trends worry American Indian College Fund president Cheryl Crazy Bull. The university also prohibits the use of gender pronouns in email signatures.
  • In Montana, a nonprofit is taking big steps to increase participation of Native voters. With the primary election approaching, Western Native Voice has been canvassing and encouraging Native communities across Montana to vote.
  • Millions in federal funds will go toward improving water infrastructure in Alaska rural villages. Two-hundred-and-twenty-five million dollars from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency will be used to develop safe drinking water and waste services to improve public health and environmental protections.
  • A new app is providing mental health services for Native American veterans. The Department of Veteran Affairs has funded and launched “Hero’s Story,” which offers virtual talking circles and discussion ceremonies for Native veterans.
  • Sunday, June 2, marks the 100th anniversary of the Snyder Act, which granted citizenship to Native Americans born in the United States. IllumiNative CEO Crystal Echo Hawk tells ICT it’s a complex issue. It joins other Native nonprofits in calling for a Day of Action and Reflection.
  • A social media kit for the national Day of Action and Reflection is posted at illuminative.org.

Today’s newscast was created with work from:

Shirley Sneve, Ponca/Sicangu Lakota, is the senior producer for the ICT Newscast. Follow her on Twitter @rosebudshirley. She is based in Nebraska.

Aliyah Chavez, Kewa Pueblo, is the anchor of the ICT Newscast. On Twitter: @aliyahjchavez.

Paris Wise, Zia and Laguna Pueblo, is a producer for the ICT Newscast. Email: paris@ictnews.org.

Stewart Huntington is a producer for the ICT Newscast.

Quindrea Yazzie, Diné, is a video production editor for the ICT Newscast. Email: qyazzie@ictnews.org. Yazzie is based in Phoenix.

Daniel Herrera Carbajal is a video editor for the ICT Newscast. On Twitter: @daniulherrrera

Pauly Denetclaw, Diné, is a political correspondent for ICT. Email: pauly@ictnews.org

Pacey Smith-Garcia, Ute, is a production assistant for the ICT Newscast. On Twitter: @paceyjournalist.

Ebonye Delaney is the Executive Producer for the ICT Newscast. Email: ebonye@ictnews.org

Mark Trahant, Shoshone-Bannock, is ICT editor-at-large Email: marktrahant@ictnews.org

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