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Police arrest man accused in shooting prior to Albuquerque Police Chief’s crash

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – The Albuquerque Police Department announced the arrest of Michael Mountjoy, the suspect accused in a shooting prior to a crash involving APD Chief Harold Medina.

In February, Chief Medina was involved in a crash where he said he and his wife were in an unmarked car next to where a fight broke out. After seeing a gun, Medina says he sped off to avoid being in the line of fire when he hit and seriously injured a man.

Detectives reviewed surveillance video from the area and viewed two men involved in an altercation near the intersection of Central and Alvarado. One man, identified at Mountjoy was seen firing a gun. Albuquerque Crime Stoppers released pictures of the suspect and suspect’s vehicle. Police received a tip that Mountjoy may be the possible shooter. According to a criminal complaint, police have had previous interactions with Mountjoy and were able to review past interactions to positively identify him as the man from surveillance videos.

Police arrested Mountjoy Wednesday May 15, they say he had altered the appearance of his truck and has a prior criminal history. Mountjoy is charged with being a felon in possession with a gun, unlawful carrying of a deadly weapon, negligent use of a deadly weapon and tampering with evidence. APD says they will

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