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People Chant ‘Friends in Low Places’ at Vatican For Garth Brooks

Garth Brooks put country music in the spotlight at the Vatican in Rome over Mother’s Day weekend, and while “Friends In Low Places” isn’t what you’d expect to hear at such a sacred place, fans just couldn’t help themselves.

The country music superstar was invited to perform at the World Meeting on Human Fraternity, and he gave an acoustic performance of Vatican-approved songs from the atrium of St. Peter’s Basilica. It was during the May 13 episode of “Inside Studio G” that it was revealed that people who were gathered for the stripped down performance were chanting “Friends in Low Places” in the crowd.

“It was maybe not the place for it,” Brooks admitted, unable to contain his laughter, “but it was fabulous.”

“Friends in Low Places” topped the Hot Country Songs chart for four weeks and won an ACM and a CMA in 1990 for Single of the Year. It is one of Brooks most popular songs and even is the name of his new bar opening up soon.

What Songs Did Garth Brooks Perform at the Vatican?

If you’re wondering what songs Brooks played during his acoustic set and how they were chosen, the singer gave some insight. “These songs, the Vatican requested,” he shared. “They had to OK them, and so it was pretty cool.”

The performance included Brooks’ original songs “The River” and “The Change” as well as “Make You Feel My Love” (originally by Bob Dylan) and “Amazing Grace.”

Garth Brooks Talks About Performing at the Vatican

Also during “Inside Studio G,” Brooks reflected on his experience performing at the Vatican.

First of all, it was Brooks’ first time visiting Rome. “Do I look like a guy that goes to Rome all the time?” he asked incredulously before laughing.

While it was a short trip — he flew in four hours before he performed and had to leave before the event was over to get back to LA— it was impactful for the country star.

“… the first thing I heard the when I walked in on the whole Weekend of Peace, I heard the Cardinal say it will take all religions. I love that. Because it’s gonna take all of us, right?” he shared.

He also talked about how nervous he was prior to the performance.

“I don’t think I’ve been this happy in a long time, simply because I’m on the other side of it,” he said candidly, admitting that he was worried about performing at the Vatican. “All they want you to be is yourself, that’s the whole message: Just be yourself flaws and all — but can I tell you now…that I was nervous.”

Lastly, if your wondering why Brooks was wearing a cowboy hat, the singer clarified that the performance was not inside of the church and that when he entered the church the hat came off.

If you want to watch the whole discussion, you can check it out below and see a brief clip of the performance.

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