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No more ‘Twitter’? Elon Musk confirms latest step in X rebranding

(NEXSTAR) – Users might still be calling it “Twitter,” but the company officially known as X has taken yet another step toward eradicating the T-word from its platform.

In an X post shared early Friday morning, Elon Musk confirmed that “all core systems are now on,” essentially confirming that “” will soon be redirecting to for all purposes.

It’s unclear when the changeover will be complete on the user end; several hours after the announcement, some users were still seeing the “” domain name remaining in the site URL. (The Verge reported that users who were still logged in, or those using certain browsers, may have not seen any changes yet.)

The login page, meanwhile, contains new language alerting users of the new URL.

“We are letting you know that we are changing our URL, but your privacy and data protection settings remain the same,” the message reads.

Some of Musk’s followers applauded the latest step in X’s transition, but other X users were much less thrilled.

“It’s still Twitter, though,” one user wrote. “X is one of the worst re-brandings I’ve ever seen.”

“OH BROTHER BRING BACK THE BIRD,” another wrote, referencing the previous Twitter logo.

Musk, who acquired Twitter in October 2022, has been making moves to rebrand Twitter as “X” since July 2023, when he announced plans to “bid adieu to the twitter brand and, gradually, all the birds.”

The changeover has been gradual, however, with a new X logo soon appearing on the desktop version of the platform, but Twitter’s previous blue bird logo remaining for many on mobile for months — and especially for those who hadn’t updated their apps.

Musk’s reign as the CEO (a role he later stepped down from) and owner of X has remained controversial since taking over the company, with major companies choosing to pause ads on the platform over concerns of weaker content moderation. Musk’s move to terminate hundreds of employees in the first few weeks of ownership was also criticized, as was the company’s decision to erect a new sign on the San Francisco headquarters without a permit or the necessary safety precautions.

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