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New roundabout in Westside neighborhood might help curb crashes

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – The city’s called it a “problem intersection” on Albuquerque’s Westside, and now, the area is getting some upgrades like a new roundabout and more lighting. 

“It’s pretty dangerous because there’s just a lot of traffic, and everybody’s speeding. There’s a lot of speeding going on there,” said Heather Sandoval, a neighborhood resident. 

Neighbors that live in the Tierra Oeste Neighborhood by Unser and Ladera say this intersection is a problem. On Tierra Pintada and Mirehaven Parkway, drivers said it can be complicated to get through safely. 

“When we’re trying to get across, if you try to stop in the middle and then look, it’s pretty dangerous because there’s cars coming in really fast, and the way it’s angled, it’s kind of a hill,” explained Sandoval. 

“I see mostly speeding, and then sometimes I’ll get, I know when I first started driving, I’d stop right there a lot because cars would be coming because there are certain parts of the day when I just get stuck in the middle,” said Skylar Sandoval, a neighborhood resident. 

The city said they’re hoping the roundabout will help reduce speeding and reckless driving. The project will also add twelve new overhead lights, and landscaping, and include bicycle lane improvements. 

“We love roundabouts. They are much, much safer than traditional signalized intersections because they slow down traffic, but they’re also better because they keep traffic flowing,” said Municipal Development Public Information Officer Dan Mayfield.

Other residents we spoke to said they’re not looking forward to construction but hope the project will make the area safer. 

“I’m in favor for it. I think it’ll slow the traffic down and less potential for accidents in the area,” stated Rebecca Padilla, a neighborhood resident. 

Road closures will start Monday with one lane open in each direction. Construction will begin Tuesday and go through December. 

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