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More outdoor patios could be coming to Denver this spring

DENVER — Normally, the City of Denver puts a 30-day hold on patio expansion permits, but that’s going to change if the Avalanche or Nuggets make it to the Western Conference Finals.

Mack McMillan and his friends enjoy the fresh air as Denver dives into patio season.

“This is one that’s hard to beat,” said McMillan, sitting outside at The Cherry Cricket at its Cherry Creek location.

McMillan said patios become a hot commodity for Spring sports watching.

“If you’re not there before tip-off or drop-of-the-puck, you’re not going to get into some places so expanded room might help,” said McMillan.

That expanded room could be coming soon to more spots around town.

The Denver Department of Excise and Licensing will again be waiving the 30-day waiting period for patio expansion permits.

The City of Denver said it’s specifically for bars and restaurants wanting to expand their patios once the Nuggets or Avalanche reach the second to last round of their respective playoffs.

If a bar or restaurant wants to expand into a parking lot or other outdoor area, they won’t have to wait for the standard 30 days for the permit to be approved.

Instead, those permits will be expedited so that bars and restaurants can take advantage of additional space almost immediately.

“I think it’s a no-brainer,” said Mitchell Brockmann.

More outdoor patios could be coming to Denver this spring

Manager at The Cherry Cricket Frank Dwyer said they created a patio space during the height of the pandemic.

“Over the years, it used to just be a parking lot. This place has been here since 1945, so you get people who haven’t been back in 20 years and they’re like ‘Oh my god look at the expansion’,” said Dwyer.

Since the expansion, he said it has helped boost business by at least 30%.

The cricket is now encouraging other businesses to take advantage of the expedited permitting, so all of Denver can enjoy the extra space.

“That would make me want to go out to more restaurants if they would do that, it really would,” said McMillan.

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