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KERRY KING Wants To Record His Second Solo Album This Year

Kerry King is clearly making his solo career a priority. While Slayer has a handful of reunion festival dates coming up (and that’s all), King has a boatload of solo tour dates booked on the heels of his debut record From Hell I Rise coming out later this month. So what’s next for King amidst all the touring? Another album, of course!

According to King in an interview with The Aquarian, he’s already made it clear to drummer Paul Bostaph that he wants to hit the studio the second they’re off the road.

“I’m very into playing. It’s not the travel,” said King regarding his plans and love of touring. “I love going to cities, of course, but getting to cities is a pain in the ass. I would love if I never traveled again; I’m cool with that, but I’m put here to perform and I enjoy performing. I’m looking forward to performing and the more we rehearsed and the more polished we got this stuff, and the more songs we have for the future, so I’m just getting stoked.

“I said to Paul, ‘I want to go immediately into the studio and bang out record two afterward. When you’re fresh off the tour and sharp, you can do a super quick performance because we’ll all be rehearsed on it. That’s the plan. I’ve got everything in place to make that happen now. We’re going to be on tour and I can work on lyrics for pieces that aren’t finished yet. Hopefully everything will be done by the time the tour’s done.”

King‘s band is Death Angel vocalist Mark Osegueda, former Slayer drummer Paul Bostaph, former Vio-Lence and Machine Head guitarist Phil Demmel, and former Hellyeah bassist Kyle Sanders. King will release From Hell I Rise on May 17. You can check out our review of the record right here.

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