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Hildale resident closer to developing land into multi-unit Airbnb

ST. GEORGE — Although it has been a long journey and is expected to remain one for the foreseeable future, Hildale City resident Richard “Lee” Barlow is continuing a nearly decade-long dream to develop a piece of land on the outskirts of town into a multi-unit Airbnb.

Following a debate during a June 5 Hildale City Council meeting, Barlow – the owner of approximately 4.2 acres of developed land at 985 N. Juniper Street – received enough support to rezone his property for recreational resort use. The vote for approval was split 3-1-1, with Councilman J’Var Dutson opposing and Councilman Brigham Holm abstaining.

Jeff Barlow — Lee Barlow’s brother and spokesperson for the venture – watched during the hourlong debate, which at times devolved into arguments with Dutson on offense and city staff, other council members, the applicant and Mayor Donia Jessop on defense.

Dutson based his opposition upon several issues ranging from questions on the exact ownership of the property to compliance with city codes and problems with low water pressure in the area.

Read the full article at St. George News.

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