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Here is the most searched baby name in Arizona so far for 2024

Google Trends released a report of the most-searched baby names in all 50 states.

ARIZONA, USA — For the last five years, Olivia and Liam were Arizona’s most popular baby names.

A new name is looking to dethrone the monikers. 

While Arizona is far from a body of water, the most-searched baby name in the state so far in 2024 may remind you of one. 

Data from Google Trends shows Arizonans searching for a baby name are big fans of Isla, derived from Islay, an island off the coast of Scotland, according to

Isla is pronounced EYE-la. “Isla” in Spanish is pronounced with the “s” and also means island. 

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“Although Isla is closely linked with Scotland, there are similar names in cultures around the globe, including Ila in France, Iola in Greek, and Illa in Hebrew,” the website explains. “All of these names have strong nature ties, meaning island, dawn, and tree, respectively. If you’re looking for a name that’s undeniably strong yet feminine, Isla fits the bill.”

Here are the top 10 baby names from last year in Arizona:

  1. Olivia (361)
  2. Isabella (274)
  3. Emma (271)
  4. Mia (271)
  5. Camila (265)
  6. Sophia (261)
  7. Amelia (244)
  8. Charlotte (236)
  9.  Evelyn (197)
  10.  Luna (194)
  1. Liam (428)
  2. Mateo (423)
  3. Noah (365)
  4. Oliver (289)
  5. Santiago (270)
  6. Elijah (254)
  7. Sebastian (251)
  8. Ezra (233)
  9. Levi (228)
  10. Benjamin (224)

Maybe, just maybe, Isla will take the crown this year. 

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