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Have You Seen This? Snake and man share a scare

THE FRONT PORCH — Do you remember that TV show from the ’90s called “When Animals Attack”? It was so intense to see regular people getting mauled by walruses, wolves, weasels and other predators.

But animals often want nothing to do with an attack. Their goal is just to get as far from humans as possible.

For example, watch what happens in this video.

That’s a mighty big snake. And the way it cruises into the yard makes it seem like the reptile is definitely on a mission. As soon as it locks eyes with that frightened man, all bets are off. The snake turns tail and slithers off in terror.

This video reminded me of the time I came face to face with a black bear in Alaska. We were hiking through thick trees to fish on a remote river when the bear popped out of the trees directly in front of me. His snout was only a couple of feet from my face. I froze in shock, and the bear did the same. Then, it turned around and sprinted through the trees like a trick-or-treater who had just seen a ghost.

While it was jarring to come so close to a bear, I’ll always be glad that my encounter was a prime example of “When Animals Flee.”


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