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Have You Seen This? Meet Tanner with the ‘Tism

LOVE ON THE SPECTRUM — If you’ve seen the second season of Netflix’s “Love on the Spectrum,” there’s no way you could forget Tanner.

Tanner Smith, who refers to himself as “Tanner with the ‘Tism” on social media, has become an internet sensation following his debut on the hit Netflix series. He’s a sweetheart beyond compare and continues to uplift others on his many social media platforms, along with various cameos on talkshows and podcasts. He was even recently a guest on the Kelly Clarkson show.

As a participant on “Love on the Spectrum,” Tanner had the opportunity to date for the first time. This video shows his first date with a young woman who has Down syndrome. Tanner is a wonderful example of how to be a gentleman and never let the conversation die.

My roommates and I have become huge fans of “Love on the Spectrum” and Tanner is definitely one of our favorites. He’s a light and truly does bring joy through his kindness and uplifting spirit.

He shows the world that having a disability can be a huge strength. Tanner’s self-proclaimed mission is to spread joy all around the world and I’d say he’s doing exactly that.

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