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Have You Seen This? Beekeeper gets a face full of bees

COLORADO — You have some different options if you ever find a beehive on your property.

First, you can ignore it and hope that the bees go away. Second, you can poke it with a stick until the bees take vengeance on you with dozens of stings. Third, you can play classical music near the hive in an attempt to make the bees more docile. Fourth, you can hire a professional to remove the hive.

When the owners of a mall in Colorado noticed a big beehive on a tree in the parking lot, they wisely chose the fourth option. This was a good idea, because after a few stick pokes to that hive, they probably would’ve had mall patrons getting stung left and right.

Anyhow, the professional beekeeper arrived at the parking lot and prepared to remove the hive. He didn’t wear any protective clothing. Instead, he filmed himself directly under the hive, with agitated bees buzzing around, and explained that he was going to “shake these bees off into this box right here.”

You’ve got to give him credit for accomplishing his goal of shaking the bees off. But, rather than carefully depositing them in his box, he made it so they dropped right on his face.

“Ended flat on my back on the ground and was stung multiple times, but I’m okay,” the caption states.

Glad to hear the guy is OK. And, hopefully, he leaves his camera home next time, so he can focus more on the bees and the box.

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