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Golden Moon Distillery shutting down after 16 years

GOLDEN, Colo. — The Golden Moon Distillery in Golden will be closing after 16 years.

It was founded by Stephen Gould in early 2008, specifically to produce premium artisan whiskies, brandies, liquors, and liqueurs.

This week, Gould announced that all operations at the distillery are shutting down immediately due to several contributing factors.

“It’s not one thing, it’s an amalgam of a whole bunch of external factors. They put us in the situation we’re in today,” he said.

Gould said a few of the impacts include the COVID-19 pandemic, trade wars, and recently, they were not able to find an investor or buyer in time.

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“It breaks my heart. I mean, I’ve spent 16 years running this facility,” Gould said.

On top of that, Gould has also been battling cancer over the last few years.

Up until a few weeks ago, Gould said they believed they had a buyer who would have allowed the company to grow.

Golden Moon Distillery


However, he said they were unable to deliver the investment and resources they had promised. Gould said now his company is out of money and time and has no alternative.

“We’ve been looked at as a leader in the craft industry and an inspiration to many in the craft industry for, you know, a decade and a half. And for us to have to go out this way. It’s a shock,” he said.

Gould said his products are sold in 14 U.S. and four European markets and said they have a small foothold in the United Kingdom, Alberta, Canada, and Taiwan.

Even though the distillery is closing, Gould said he takes pride in all he’s accomplished.

“I’m very sad that it’s going away but I’m absolutely proud of it. We have more awards and accolades than most. We’ve accomplished more than most. There’s nothing I have other than proudness and sadness for that,” Gould said.

The distillery’s tasting room, Golden Moon Speakeasy, is still open, but Gould said there will likely be some changes in the near future.

Golden Moon


He said they are looking at ways to keep that part of the business intact.

“Hopefully, that venue will stay somewhat as it is today, though, obviously, with the distillery not running, the spirits may have to change,” he said.

“If there’s one message I can say to the local community, is please support your local distilleries, your local breweries, your local wineries, go out and buy Colorado products and show the small businesses that are still in business that you care,” said Gould.

Golden Moon Distillery produces the Golden Moon Brand, REDUX Absinthe, the Gun Fighter American Whiskey brand and the Olde Blackhawk Spirits brand.

Gould said the company’s assets will be liquidated by Live Oak Bank in accordance with their interpretation of SBA regulations in the near future.

The community can still purchase Golden Moon bottles at the distillery for about the next week, according to Gould.

They will also still be available at the Golden Moon Speakeasy, which is located at 1111 Miner’s Alley in Golden.

The speakeasy will still be open Monday through Sunday at 4 p.m.

‘It breaks my heart’: Golden Moon Distillery shutting down after 16 years

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