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‘Duck Dynasty’ Stars’ Tennessee Home Struck by Deadly Tornado

A horrendous tornado hit Columbia, Tenn., on Wednesday night (May 8). Sadly, it left disaster in its wake, including the destruction of Duck Dynasty stars Missy and Jase Robertson’s farm.

“Last night our Tennessee farm took a direct hit from a Cat 3 tornado,” the mom of three writes on Instagram. “It actually hit about 30 seconds after Cole drove into the driveway.”

A parent’s worst nightmare unfolded as her middle son found himself in the middle of the storm, having to make a swift choice on where to take cover.

“Thankfully, we have a safe room in our garage, but it’s on the other side of our home, and Cole decided in a split second that he didn’t have time to make it there,” she says.

However, once Cole got out of the car, he would soon realize the winds were too strong and pushed him to the ground. He was able to get back up and run into the family’s house and into the bathtub.

“He escaped completely unharmed,” she shares. “After seeing the aerial pictures today, we know now he would not have made it to the safe room as multiple large trees fell between his car and the garage.”

With multiple photos on her post, the gravity of the mess left behind is evident. Many massive trees were uprooted and lying on the ground, rooftops removed and debris strung about.

Missy notes that her husband happened to pray over their family the very minute the tornado was passing over the farm, having no idea of the treacherous weather happening.

They are thankful their son is safe, and ask for prayers for those affected by the storms.

“Our damage is extensive and clean-up has started and will be a long process, but right now this mama is completely thankful for God’s mercy over one of my most valuable possessions.”

The comment section was filled with an overpowering amount of love and support for the Robertson family.

According to WSMV4 Nashville, one person died and five were injured in the Columbia tornado.

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