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DJ charges clubbers £1,000 for requesting The Killers’ ‘Mr Brightside’

Brandon Flowers performing live on stage with The Killers

A DJ in Colchester has introduced a list of ‘fines’ for clubbers who ask him to play over-requested songs – with The Killers’ ‘Mr Brightside’ costing a whopping £1,000 per spin.

Speaking to The Daily Gazette, Colin Gingell-Good (aka DJ Pressplay) said he now displays “tongue-in-cheek” signs in front of his DJ booth at the Coda nightclub to deter people who “don’t take no for an answer”.

“The majority of people request songs they personally love,” he explained. “But it doesn’t always fit the vibe of the night or the crowd.”

Good continued: “When I’m, for example, playing a disco and soul night – you won’t hear anything metal or something by the Foo Fighters, it just doesn’t fit.”

The DJ has implemented a “song price list” that includes some of the UK’s most “overplayed” tracks: Kings Of Leon’s ‘Sex On Fire’ (£250 per play), Oasis’ ‘Wonderwall’ (£500) and The Killers’ ‘Mr Brightside’ (£1,000).

A second sign outlines “song request prices” for “good songs that fit the night” (free of charge), “songs that do not fit the night” (£100), “insisting you know better than the DJ” (£500) and “birthday requests” (£50, “unless it does not fit the night”).

The joke document then states that “enjoying your night and the music that is playing” is also free for clubbers.

During an interview with BBC News, DJ Pressplay said: “A lot of people are great, they’ll come up and ask for a song that fits the night, but other people… they’re very demanding and don’t take no for an answer.”

He added: “In a bit of a tongue-in-cheek kind of joke, I’ve put this sign up. It’s more of a polite notice that if you’re going to come up and not take no for an answer – you won’t accept I’m not going to ruin the night just for you – then I’m going to pretend I’m going to charge you for it.

“Strangely, since I’ve put my sign up, I’ve not had one single person request ‘Mr Brightside’.”

The Killers released ‘Mr Brightside’ as their debut single in 2003. It appears on the Las Vegas band’s first studio album ‘Hot Fuss’ (2004), which has just celebrated its 20th anniversary.

Recently, the iconic song officially broke a huge record in the UK, becoming the nation’s biggest single of all time to have never reached Number One – overtaking Oasis’ ‘Wonderwall’ (another DJ Pressplay favourite).

The indie anthem peaked at Number 10 on the UK singles chart when it was re-released in 2004. Two decades on, however, it is the longest-running top 100 hit in Official Chart history.

In response to breaking the record, The Killers said: “Thank you so much to all our fans for making ‘Mr Brightside’ the third biggest song of all time in the UK, and the biggest ever not to have reached Number One; not yet at least.”

Brandon Flowers and co. reflected on the tune being “completely embraced by the British public” and said they would “celebrate” with fans on their current UK and Ireland greatest hits tour.

In 2021, ‘Mr Brightside’ surpassed 260 non-consecutive weeks – or five full years – in the UK top 100. Last year saw the single become the UK’s most streamed song in Spotify history.

Flowers previously said he didn’t think the track would become a hit if it was released today, citing changes in the music industry: “‘Mr Brightside’ was released twice [in 2003 and 2004]. It didn’t go down well the first time. It wouldn’t have the opportunity in the current climate.”

The Killers are scheduled to begin a four-night stint at the Co-Op Live arena in Manchester tonight (June 18) ahead of three dates at Glasgow’s OVO Hydro. They’ll then head to London for six concerts at The O2.

See the full itinerary below, and find any remaining tickets here.

18 – Co-Op Live, Manchester
19 – Co-Op Live, Manchester
21 – Co-Op Live, Manchester
22 – Co-Op Live, Manchester
25 – OVO Hydro, Glasgow 
26 – OVO Hydro, Glasgow 
27 – OVO Hydro, Glasgow 

04 – The O2, London 
05 – The O2, London 
07 – The O2, London 
08 – The O2, London 
10 – The O2, London 
11 – The O2, London 

The Killers will then begin a Las Vegas residency in August to celebrate the 20th anniversary of ‘Hot Fuss’. You can find any remaining tickets here.

When speaking to NME last December, frontman Flowers was asked whether the special gigs would “be more of a sweaty and intimate affair” like their early performances.

He replied: “I guess I’m not at liberty to tell yet, but people can put two and two together […] The arena shows are for ‘Rebel Diamonds’, but this will be specifically a ‘Hot Fuss’ extravaganza.”

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