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Disabled dogs abandoned in New Mexico get new wheelchairs

RIO RANCHO, N.M. (KRQE) – Two disabled dogs left to fend for themselves in rural Sandoval County have gotten a second chance at a normal life. While a problem with their legs left them struggling to get around, a generous donation is making a big difference. 

They are a unique dad and daughter duo that were found abandoned in the desert far north of Rio Rancho earlier this year. Dozer and Kanga are two dogs that animal advocates aren’t giving up on as the pair have a unique deformity on their front legs.   

“It seemed like nobody could figure out whether it was congenital, whether it was something where they’ve gotten stuck in a crate for too long, and they just formed that way,” said Founder and President Lani Nash with Cross My Paws Animal Rescue.      

The Cross My Paw Animal Rescue is now caring for the dogs, who were found overweight and with dental issues. However, since then, foster parents said they’re getting better and showing a lot of personality. 

“Kanga and Dozer are it. He dozes through the ground and just has his nose on the ground and goes like bulldozer. She’s like a kangaroo stands on her hind feet and looks like a little joey, she’s so cute,” commented Lani Nash. 

Just this month, a donor also pitched in to give the dogs special wheelchairs. 

“These wheels are made so that they have a tilt-point on them. We’re still working on Dozer not tilting far forward, we might get them a training wheel,” explained Amanda Lundberg, the dog’s foster mom. 

Amanda Lundberg is helping look after the dogs and said while they’re still adjusting, Dozer and Kanga are learning to walk on their own. 

“Just the joy of life, every day they wake up, and they’re just so happy, and they’re excited, and they’re yelling at me for food. They’re just a lot of fun,” said Amanda Lundberg. 

The rescue said they’re still considering if the dogs should get surgery, but so far, the pair has proven they can bounce back. 

“They were very afraid of people. I mean, they would just turn and not look at you at all, and they did not want to be touched. They would go running away. Now, they run to you, so it’s super nice. The change has been amazing,” said Lani Nash. 

Both dogs are now available for adoption through Cross My Paws. They’ll be in person to meet people on Saturday at the Rio Rancho Sports Complex. 

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