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DIO’s The Complete Donington Collection Boxset Is Arriving This July

On July 19, Niji Entertainment & BMG will unveil The Complete Donington Collection, in the form of a limited edition 5LP box set. This treasure trove will feature Dio’s iconic performances at the Donington Festival in 1983 and 1987, on 2LP 180 gram vinyl with a special etching on Side D, and will include the limited Picture Disc Double Dose of Donington ’83 & ’87.

Reflecting on these historic performances, Wendy Dio – widow and former manager of the legendary late singer – shares: “Fond memories of sitting on the grass and watching the bands play. This is an amazing collection. 1983 when Ronnie had just recently formed the Dio band and again in 1987. Ronnie always enjoyed playing in Britain, he loved the audiences and the beer!”

Dio at Donington ‘83 showcases the original Dio lineup during the Holy Diver Tour, a pivotal moment occurring just three months after their debut album’s release. The performance is packed with timeless tracks from Ronnie James Dio’s illustrious career with Rainbow and Black Sabbath, as well as soon-to-be classics like “Holy Diver”, “Rainbow In The Dark”, and “Stand Up And Shout”.

By 1987, after three successful studio albums and achieving silver, gold, and platinum statuses globally, Dio returned to Donington with the Dream Evil lineup. The Dio at Donington ‘87 set includes unforgettable songs such as “The Last In Line”, “Rock ‘n’ Roll Children,” and “All The Fools Sailed Away”.

Pre-order your copy here.

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