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Couple says burglar took shower before stealing their stuff

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WREG) — A couple says a suspected burglar took a shower and ate some food before stealing about $400 worth of items from their home in Memphis, Tennessee, last month.

Tara Carter and Lucas Healy said the suspect got in through an unlocked door late at night and stayed in the house for nearly an hour.

On Tuesday, the Memphis Police Department released surveillance video, seen below, of the suspect walking around the duplex on April 27.

“They kind of made themselves at home,” Carter told Nexstar’s WREG.

Carter said when they got home about two hours later, she realized things were missing, and someone had been in her bathroom.

“Clothes, a shirt, pants and socks were on the floor, and our whole bathtub was filled with dirty water, including blue soap that was my body wash,” Carter said. “I kind of just freaked out.”

She said the intruder also grabbed a can of root beer and a piece of cheese from their kitchen and stole a bag, shoes, and clothing from their closet and laundry.

“They went through our laundry and took our dirty clothes,” Healy said.

Healy said the camera footage shows the person wearing their clothing before leaving the home. He said the suspect also took a pair of shoes and left some black sneakers behind.

“Yeah, we still have the shoes. The shoes are sitting by the front door. We just found them a couple of days ago,” Healy said.

The couple said they felt safe in their cove, but now they feel violated and will be taking extra safety precautions.

“Luckily, we didn’t come home when they were in there,” Carter said. “I have two cats. That was a big concern. What if they would have harmed them in any way?”

Authorities haven’t made an arrest or provided any additional details about the case.

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