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Couple become first simultaneous winners of Colorado Golden Gloves

AURORA, Colo — A Colorado couple is making history, by punching their way to the top. Tasos and Madison Hernandez became the first couple in history to win the Colorado Golden Gloves championship at the same time.

The couple started boxing while on a vacation together. Tasos Hernandez said he started teaching Madison Hernandez how to box in a pool.

“I started out teaching Maddie how to throw ones and twos inside the pool,” said Tasos Hernandez.

Eventually, the couple made their way over to the Topeira Boxing Club in Aurora. The local gym has a history of success and their walls are adorned with photos of former champions and boxing prodigies.

Tasos Hernandez said they initially didn’t have plans to compete, but things changed after the passing of their coach Joaquin Romero.

“When coach passed away, we all came together as a family and decided that we wanted to continue on his legacy,” said Madison Hernandez. “We all did a community takeover and realized how difficult it is to keep a gym up and running.”

Romero was killed in a hit-and-run in 2022 at just 35 years old. Romero started by teaching people how to box out of his garage, before eventually opening the Topeira Boxing Club.

Couple makes history by winning Colorado Golden Gloves boxing championship at the same time

“He really had a passion for helping kids stay out of trouble and keeping them here, safe and keeping them active,” said Madison Hernandez.

After Romero’s passing, Tasos Hernandez started coaching at the gym but realized that he needed to practice what he preached.

“When he passed, it just felt like a responsibility,” said Tasos Hernandez. “It felt like something that I wanted to do to say thank you.”

Madison Hernandez’s championship was first and she described it as the toughest fight of her life. After she was announced as the winner, Tasos Hernandez said it was extra motivation.

“I had big shoes to fill at that point,” said Tasos Hernandez.

After winning his championship bout, the couple embraced and will soon have their pictures added to the wall at Topeira.

“I think coach would be proud of us,” said Tasos Hernandez.

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