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Car show with supercars and fundraising for foster care on May 18

The Pyvott Underground car show attracts supercar fans, casual car enthusiasts and those who just want to do some good. KSL Cars is one of the sponsors for this family-friendly event that centers around cool cars and helping children in need of a safe and loving home. 

Join us in Springville on Saturday, May 18, from 6-9 p.m. to walk and talk amongst some good-looking cars, enjoy six different food trucks, listen to a live DJ and raise some cash for kids. And while it’s away from the hubbub of a typical Salt Lake City car show, this event still goes full-throttle. And on top of all that, it’s free to attend. 

IMG 3560

Pyvott Undergound 2023, photo credits: Nathan Jackman

Event details

Admission: FREE

Date: Saturday, May 18, 2024

Time: 6-9 p.m.

Address: 1880 Mountain Springs Parkway, Springville, UT 84663

Pyvott loves hobbies and helping

Pyvott is a multi-channel operation specializing in nutraceutical powder manufacturing, 3PL Fulfillment/Distribution and large scale storage. And as it so happens, everyone who works at Pyvott likes to empower one another’s horsepower interests. All being car enthusiasts themselves, they decided it was time to share that hobby with more people. And that’s what Pyvott Underground has been able to do. All while not doing it for the money — just for the love of cars. 

With the small windows of time between having open space and being opened up for customers, Pyvott has had success executing on two Underground events previously. This in large part due to their internal team’s experience and outside partnerships with the local Cars and Coffee chapter. 


Pyvott Undergound 2023, photo credit: Nathan Jackman

Their large warehouse is the perfect place to show off tons of cars with 300,000 square-feet of indoor space. This year will be the third time this event has been put on in their warehouse, and is set to surpass past events.

Nathan Jackman of Pyvott said, “With the planned attendance, this should be one of, if not the largest indoor car event in Utah history. We currently have over 280 vehicles registered to be in the show, and expect to have between 300-400 total vehicles on display.”

IMG 2376-Enhanced-NR

Pyvott Undergound 2023, photo credit: Nathan Jackman

Pyvott Underground is also a champion for Utah Foster Care. The goal is to raise $10,000 by the end of the event, with the money going towards kids in the foster care system. Stop by the Pyvott  booth to learn more about how you can support the cause, and if you have the resources, to make a financial contribution. If you can’t attend the event, you can learn more online and still show support through an online donation.

Let’s get the show on the road

Honk if you’re a car enthusiast who wants to know what cars you can expect to see at Pyvott Underground. Luxury lovers will enjoy seeing exotic supercars like Lamborginis, Ferraris and McLarens. If you’ve got a need for speed you’ll enjoy seeing American muscle cars like Corvettes, Mustangs and Chargers. There will also be Japanese Domestic Market cars like the Nissan GT-R. 

IMG 3557

Pyvott Undergound 2023, photo credit: Nathan Jackman

Among local car enthusiasts attending will be @supercar_ron. You may have seen him, and his high end collection of cars, at other Salt Lake City car shows.

It’s OK to be a show off

There’s no need to steer away from being the center of attention right now. Because Pyvott Underground wants to see your wheels there, too! Car enthusiasts can register their cars for the show at no charge. Be aware that registration does not guarantee indoor parking. If you would like your show car to be parked indoors, please register for that opportunity. Additionally, please arrive no earlier than 6:00 p.m. to allow event preparations to finish.

Register your car for FREE

Guidelines for attendees

We know sometimes lemons happen. But don’t let yourself be one of them. Please be respectful of the property and cars. No touching the cars unless you’ve been invited to by the car’s owner. Clean up your trash and don’t leave food behind. 

IMG 2450

Pyvott Undergound 2023, photo credit: Nathan Jackman

KSL Cars hopes to see you, your family, friends AND your cars at Pyvott Underground. 

Looking for a fancy, exotic or family-friendly car of your own? Shop listings on KSL Cars to find one that’s right for you. Browse our Resources page to get car buying tips and to stay in the know about other upcoming Salt Lake City car shows.  

This car show is presented by Cars and Coffee, The Peej Crew and sponsored by Lamborghini Salt Lake City, KSL Cars, Houston TX Hot Chicken, Rokblokz, Scouter.Co and Lane VC.

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