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Boulder preps for latest flood mitigation project along Gregory Canyon Creek

BOULDER, Colo. — Ever since the historic flood in 2013, the City of Boulder has focused on several flood mitigation projects. Now, the Gregory Canyon Creek Flood Mitigation Project is underway.

The creek, which originates in City of Boulder Open Space, reaches city limits at Flagstaff Road to its confluence with Boulder Creek.


City of Boulder

Boulder residents Blair Siegle and Cathryn Coleman walk alongside the creek nearly every day. Both were here during the 2013 flood.

“It rained, and it didn’t stop raining, then it rained some more, then it rained harder,” said Siegle.

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With the city’s current focus on Gregory Canyon Creek, Director of Utilities Joe Taddeucci said crews will work on widening the channel, erosion protection and increasing the capacity of culverts.

“It’s one of the smaller drainage areas, but it’s on a steeper slope and stepper hill in the city, so water materializes pretty quickly during a rain event,” said Taddeucci.

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City of Boulder

Project Area

Boulder has one of the highest risks for flash flooding in Colorado. That’s why the city said improvement projects like this one are so important.

“I think it’s a great idea. I know the City of Boulder has done a number of things,” said Coleman.

The historic flood is something this couple and many others will remember, while the city works to build better drainage and reduce flood risks for the future.

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“Any improvement will help,” said Siegle.

Construction is expected to start in the Fall of 2025.

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