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Aurora PD ‘aware’ of people impersonating officers, pulling over drivers

AURORA, Colo. — The Aurora Police Department said it is “aware” of people impersonating law enforcement officials and pulling over drivers.

The department did not provide details on the report, including where the incident happened and how many incidents it is investigating.

Aurora PD said drivers should keep several things in mind if they are pulled over:

  • If you are being pulled over, put your hazard lights on and drive the speed limit or under.
  • Pull over in a well-lit area off the road, such as a gas station or shopping center.
  • Aurora police officers have easily identifiable patches on their uniforms. During most traffic stops, the officer will be in full uniform.
  • Aurora police officers are required to provide a business card. Drivers may ask for a business card in order to prove the person is an APD officer.
  • If you are questioning if a traffic stop is legitimate, call 911 and tell them your location to confirm if it’s an official stop.
  • You can drive to the nearest police station. Aurora PD said it is highly unlikely that someone impersonating a police officer will follow you to a station.

Below is a photo of Aurora PD’s uniform and badges.

Aurora police uniform

Aurora Police Department

If you believe something is suspicious, Aurora PD said to report it immediately.

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