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Arizona man who survived motorcycle crash encourages safe riding

“A lady was trying to beat the light and it turned right into my left leg,” Jeff Mungono said.

PHOENIX — An Arizona man recovering from a motorcycle crash last year is now asking other riders and drivers to be careful on the roads.

Jeff Mungono said he was headed home from work last June when the crash happened at the intersection of Higley and Germann Rd in Gilbert.

“A lady was trying to beat the light and it turned right into my left leg,” Mungono said. “I flew about 20 feet in the air as I let go of the motorcycle and the motorcycle ended up underneath the truck.”

Mugongo said fortunately he didn’t get knocked out or pass out but recalled a terrifying experience.

“I saw blood on my leg just bleeding [out] and I was panicking,” Mugongo said. “People stopped what they were doing, they stopped driving, parked their car in the intersection, came and helped me out.”

Amar Karim, an orthopedic surgeon at Chandler Regional Medical Center, said Mugongo’s injury was extreme.

“It was one of those injuries where his limb was at risk,” Karim said. “You’re really talking about limb salvage versus amputation when he first came in.”

Karim said fortunately Mugongo was wearing a helmet and recommended that motorcyclists wear a helmet and protective gear to help in the event of an accident.

Mugongo said he didn’t expect to be in a serious accident and now cautions people to be more conscious on the roads.

“I survived three years with no crash, I did have some close calls, Mugongo said. “That could have been a sign of like, ‘You know Jeff, be more careful.’”

Mugongo said anyone on a motorcycle should ensure they have enough space for everyone.

“Create a bubble of safety and make sure that you don’t pass that bubble,” Mugongo said. “Because it’s not about you, it’s about the person who is driving.”

Mugongo said it’s also important for drivers to be aware of motorcyclists on the road and to avoid phone distractions.

“Look everywhere because now motorcyclists have different laws, Mugongo said. “They have freedom to go in between cars [and] that’s even more dangerous, so be aware of motorcyclists [and stay] focused on the road.”

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