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Albuquerque’s Montgomery Pool could see new upgrades

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – Albuquerque’s outdoor pools are getting a lot of use right now with hot temperatures continuing, and one of the city’s oldest pools is now on the list for some big upgrades.

Montgomery Pool was built in the 1960s and while it is still a well-used pool, the city says it’s time to modernize some of its most dated features. “It isn’t not our busiest facility, but it does see quite a bit of foot traffic,” said Kent Vigil, Aquatics Division Manager for the City of Albuquerque’s Parks and Recreation.

But Montgomery Pool is also one of the oldest and most in-need-of-updates swimming spots that the city is now looking to fix. “So, we’re looking to add another support building to this property. The goal is to provide safer access to the facility for the public, instead of being right up against Palo Duro right here,” said Vigil.

The new building would shift the pool’s main entrance to the opposite, north side of the pool. The city is also looking to provide more areas for families. “ADA access, the original building is very narrow, so it’s very difficult to get a wheelchair through. So this new building is focused on providing more ADA access to the public as well as those family changing stalls,” said Vigil.

While the city looked at bigger fixes to the old, existing building, its 22-foot concrete foundation isn’t worth the cost of changing. “It was going to be more money to renovate the existing building than to add on this new one,” said Vigil.

Frequent visitors are excited about the possibility of these new renovations. “Anytime that Albuquerque invests into the people and makes our quality of life better, it’s really a wonderful thing,” said Thomas Renfro, visitor

The next step is for the city’s Environmental Planning Commission to approve the redesign plan which could happen Thursday. Part of the design also includes adding more shade at the pool.

The aquatics division told KRQE News 13 on Monday they’re not sure when any construction could happen on the project and that the city is still working on how the project will be funded.

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