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ABQ Parking Division makes policy changes after investigation from inspector general

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – Albuquerque’s Parking Division is cleaning up some of its policies after dozens of complaints accused some workers of breaking the rules. Some of those claims questioned whether employees writing tickets are letting certain drivers off the hook.

Albuquerque’s Office of Inspector General (OIG) received more than 30 separate allegations against the Parking Division. While many of those allegations were not substantiated, the Parking Division is making some changes. 

Driving around Nob Hill or Downtown, drivers need to pay attention to where they park or risk getting a ticket. However, who is and isn’t getting tickets recently came under the view of the OIG looking into claims that not all parking violations were being handled fairly. 

In a recent report, the OIG looked into 30 claims between February and April where six parking officers were accused of not always enforcing the city’s rules. Among the allegations are failures to issue parking citations and violations of uniform and code of conduct rules. 

The OIG substantiated claims about a new employee with an improper uniform and found that at least one employee needed more training on parking rules. The Inspector General was not able to prove accusations that staff may have ignored some parking violations. 

“The OIG report states that it could not substantiate the violations alleged. However, we take complaints seriously and our Parking team is currently following the OIG’s recommendations,” said Municipal Development Public Information Officer Dan Mayfield.

The OIG is now recommending updating their uniform and training standards. They also recommended that the city create a better system to make complaints about parking enforcement.

The OIG suggested that City Council review and possibly change Albuquerque’s parking ordinances in order to clarify what is and is not a violation. 

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