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ABQ BioPark’s Grand Cayman Blue Iguana is carrying eggs

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – The ABQ BioPark’s Cayman Blue Iguana is carrying eggs. The Grand Cayman blue iguana is an endangered species due to habitat loss and predation by feral cats and dogs.

The National Iguana Foundation estimates there are fewer than 500 blue iguanas left in the wild but that number is increasing thanks to zoos adopting the Grand Cayman Iguana Species Survival Plan.

Igor, 11 years old, is a male who has been at the BioPark since 2015 and Fiona is a 12-year-old female who came from San Diego to breed with Igor. “This is incredibly exciting news for us, we’ve been trying to breed these animals for the past two years, they are an endangered species of iguana, so this is very exciting!” said Phil Mayhew, BioPark reptile keeper.

They say if Fiona’s eggs are fertile, they will hatch in late August or early September.

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