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30 trainees graduated from Arizona State Trooper Academy

The Arizona Department of Public Safety is short more than 300 state troopers.

MESA, Ariz. — A new class of state troopers will soon be patrolling Arizona roads after graduating from the academy.

“It’s been a long time coming,” Trooper Kevin Bynum, a new graduate, said. “Truthfully, the last 32 weeks have been very long hard, but well worth it today.”

This is the first class to graduate from the newly renovated State Trooper Academy since 1979.

“We through some hard times in the Academy for sure, but that ability and that drive to push through hard times is what really motivates us,” Bott said.

The graduates will be entering Arizona highways at a time when they’re needed most as the Arizona Department of Public Safety (DPS) is facing a trooper shortage.

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“Every traffic stop they’re making, every collision they’re going to, every DUI they arrest that is all adding to the safety of the other people around them,” DPS Spokesperson Sgt. Eric Andrews said,

Andrews said the department has over 300 vacancies. 

Most of this graduating class of 30 troopers will serve the Metro Phoenix area where the shortage is most felt.

“They’re absolutely imperative what they are doing with us and what they do for us on the road and for the citizens of Arizona is keeping everybody safe really,” Andrews said. 

Another 30 cadets are already training at the Academy, but Andrews said more are needed.

“Finding people who are really good match for this job, too. They need to be motivated. They need to be leaders in their community, or have the desire to be a leader in their community,” Andrews said.

Andrews said anyone curious about a law enforcement career should apply.

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