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Rock Fest 2024 Will Have Both Mosh & Non-Mosh Zones

“The 2024 Rock Festival will be held July 18-20 in Cadote, Wisconsin, and they have options for those who don't like pop music.

According to a statement from rock festival organizers, there will be a “designated area for music lovers and non-music lovers” to ensure everyone has a good time. Or at least a place where people who can't party (or hate partying, etc.) can rest assured that they won't get an unintentional elbow to the face.

“In the past, we have banned revelry at 'rock festivals' to ensure everyone's safety, which is our top priority,” organizers wrote. “However, we know that for many people, moshing is the release and release of rock music. An important part of the metal experience, we’ve listened to your feedback and are excited to introduce moshing areas as a pilot project on the Budweiser Boneyard Stage.

“This allows us to embrace the energy of Mosh while providing a safe environment for all festival-goers. We are setting up designated areas for Moshe and non-Moshe to ensure everyone can still enjoy the show up close. Please note that for everyone's safety , hardcore dance style flail dancing will be banned. Let’s rock responsibly, focus on our brothers and sisters, and make this an unforgettable addition to Rockfest 2024!”

Tickets can be purchased here. The full lineup for Rock Fest 2024 is as follows:

July 17

  • Vince Neal
  • quiet riot
  • burning witch
  • Psycho stick
  • Shallow edge
  • Feel
  • kirakoy
  • eternal night

July 18

  • Thirty seconds to Mars
  • 311
  • Ultimate Killing Band
  • Qichen
  • dirty honey
  • Alan Jones
  • on a burning body
  • sleep theory
  • citizen soldier
  • real villain
  • hybridization
  • until i wake up
  • Cult black
  • speak softly
  • Gabriel and Revelation
  • Citizen Kane
  • nine people died
  • double span
  • grandiose fantasy
  • cowboy from hell
  • Grewezig
  • sad heroine
  • krull fool
  • Trismus

July 19

  • shine
  • Parkway Avenue
  • bear tooth
  • Atreyu
  • rise from ashes
  • Cixi
  • cold
  • i see stars
  • Saul
  • silent theory
  • Uncured
  • city ​​of the weak
  • living dead girl
  • Kaza
  • Z ring
  • Overdose of amelacin
  • rumor
  • Domidim
  • hybrid theory
  • Sabbath
  • motherly style
  • dead amsterdam
  • Higashikata

July 20

  • jelly roll
  • Chevel
  • Hu
  • Fever 333
  • 2 On-site staff
  • Struggle Jennings
  • austin mead
  • bat
  • Jihad
  • another day dawn
  • blue felix
  • Kingdom collapse
  • dark
  • Midnight eyes are bright
  • alborn
  • dark sun
  • septicemia
  • never wake up
  • Whose whose
  • Automobile city head
  • leave hope
  • here
  • Hammer hard
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