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Original AC/DC Singer Dave Evans Says He Was Their Best Vocalist

Original AC/DC frontman Dave Evans has singled out what he considers to be the best vocalists in the band, but he believes “real” fans should appreciate all members, past and present.

Evans was one of the founding members of AC/DC in late 1973, along with Malcolm and Angus Young, drummer Colin Burgess and bassist Larry Van Creet. Evans sang on the band's first official single, “Can I Sit Next to You, Girl”, which had the B-side “Rocking in the Parlour”.

Bon Scott replaced Evans as lead vocalist in the fall of 1974 and would release several successful albums with them throughout the decade until his untimely death in 1980 . A few months later, Brian Johnson was recruited as their next singer and assumed the lead role. Thus began Australian clothing.

in a recent interview Jose Luis Mata SanchezEvans discusses the different eras of the band and identifies the singers he considers to be the best.

Evans named best AC/DC singer

“Well, first of all, Dave Evans is certainly the best. That's me, okay? Of course. Most of my fans will tell you exactly that, too,” Evans asserted, adding that he of fans call him “The Master.”

However, the singer further argued that he, Scott and Johnson should not be compared to each other because their vocal styles are very different and only biased fans would like them best.

“If you're an AC/DC fan, you have to embrace the whole band, because first of all, there were five founding members, and I was one of them,” he continued. “If you're biased against one or the other, then you're not a true AC/DC fan. If you're a Bon Scott AC/DC fan or a Brian Johnson AC/DC fan, then you're part of a band of fans.”

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Evans concluded that without him, AC/DC would not have had the Bon Scott era, and without Scott, there would have been no Brian Johnson era.

AC/DC original singer Dave Evans says he's the band's best singer

Why Evans left AC/DC

Evans left AC/DC in '74 for financial reasons, he explained in an episode of the show watch volume The podcast said they weren't getting paid and he got into a fight with their manager.

“I said to him, 'What's going on here?' “I confronted him. We were both arguing about it. Then he got up and did some tricks on me. So I got up and bang, knocked him down. .The other boys grabbed me and pulled me off the manager,” the singer recalled. .

Evans left the band after not being paid enough.

AC/DC, “Can I sit next to you, girl” (with Dave Evans)

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