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Missouri voters reject stadium tax for Royals and Chiefs

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — The futures of the Kansas City Royals and Chiefs were thrown into doubt Tuesday night as residents of Jackson County, Missouri, voted against a sales tax to help pay for a new downtown ballpark and major renovations at Arrowhead Stadium. stadium.

Royals owner John Sherman and Chiefs president Mark Donovan acknowledged about two hours after polls closed that the ballot measure would fail. They want to replace the existing three-eighths-cent sales tax, which has been used to pay for maintenance of existing stadiums, with a new three-eighths-cent tax that would Implemented over the next 40 years.

Sherman and Donovan said they will explore their options. Neither took questions from reporters.

The Royals have pledged at least $1 billion from their ownership of the project, hoping to use their share of tax revenue to help fund a ballpark district worth more than $2 billion, while the Super Bowl champion Chiefs have pledged $300 million of their tax revenue dollars to fund construction of a baseball district worth more than $2 billion. own funds — will use their share as part of an $800 million overhaul of Arrowhead Stadium.

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