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Eric Nicksick reveals unconventional way MMA could help Francis Ngannou ‘shock the world’ against Tyson Fury

Francis Ngannou has always dreamed of crossing over into boxing, and on October 28 he will face heavyweight champion Tyson Fury in a boxing match.

In this showdown, Ngannou attempts to stage what is arguably the biggest upset in combat sports since James “Buster” Douglas defeated Mike Tyson in 1990 . But even if the outcome was unlikely at the time, Douglas was still a professional boxer with more than 30 fights on his resume before stepping into the ring to face Tyson.

Meanwhile, Ngannou is arguably the best heavyweight boxer in the world, but MMA is not boxing, and now he will try to beat Fury, a fighter with a perfect record that includes 33 wins and 24 knockouts. Down game.

“This is the toughest job,” Ngannou’s head coach Eric Nicksik told MMA Fighting. “Because obviously the two guys I can think of who game plan for Jon Jones and game plan against Stipe (Miocic) are arguably the two best guys ever to be in the same class right now. . It’s a tough job and now you say we’re going to move to boxing, you don’t have the ability to knock someone out, you don’t have the ability to chop calf kicks and neutralize some moves and those things.

“We’re getting into someone else’s territory and trying to figure out how to beat the best in heavyweight boxing history. It’s going to be tough. I’m going to tell Frances to sneak in a one-kick (knockout) every once in a while and knock this one out. Guy. Maybe we can get a free leg.”

All jokes aside, Nicksyk does believe Ngannou’s experience in MMA could come into play in a fight with Fury, as it’s unlikely to turn into a fight between two technical boxers looking to stab each other Dead game.

Instead, Nicksik pointed out how the likes of Deontay Wilder caught Fury off guard in their first encounter, with the “Gypsy King” landing a devastating right hook followed by a left Uppercut, almost ending the fight. To his credit, Fury somehow got back to his feet and the fight ended in a draw, before he dominated Wilder in both rematches.

Still, Wilder is an unconventional fighter who, much like Ngannou, displays otherworldly power in his punches, something that caught Nicksick’s attention while watching the fight with Fury.

“Here’s the thing: (Deontay) Wilder might look wild, he might not be as technical as some people say, but I think just having a little bit of shaky movement, you might not be used to it and it doesn’t look that good. The clean stuff, I think that’s where the clean boxers get hit,” Nicksick explained. “We call them boogers in the gym. “This guy is a booger. “

“That’s not a disrespectful word. It’s like when you see two very, very technical boxers who are just going back and forth practicing the clarity of that technique. However, if you pit a technical boxer against Booger, he’s not used to that erratic movement and stuff from different angles and stuff from different stances. Doing all those things that we do in MMA. I think that’s key for us – not trying to Overtaking Tyson Fury. I think if we get into a situation where, ‘Hey, we’re more skilled than this guy,’ we’re going to be in trouble. It’s our responsibility to come up with creative ways to solve that problem.”

Ngannou’s highlights are filled with hapless fighters trying to get up and box, as the ferocious heavyweight can end anyone’s night with just one punch.

Nicksyk said that even in training, when he was padding the former UFC heavyweight champion, he had never experienced anything like Ngannou’s power. Nicksik believes it’s this X factor that starts to level the playing field between boxing newbies like Ngannou and multiple heavyweight champions like Fury.

“Frances, when I took his forehand (punching), I just felt my whole arm rotate around my shoulder. That’s how hard he hit the ball,” Nicksik said.

“The crazy thing is, he’s actually more skilled left-handed. His left-handed delivery is sharper and faster, and his right-handed hit is harder. He can attack from both stances. I think This is important to us.”

No matter how much power he can generate with a punch, Ngannou is still a huge underdog in a fight, but that’s nothing new for him.

By any measure, Ngannou, who left his home in Cameroon, moved to France, had no money or means to survive, and was actually living on the streets, should not be where he is now. Being able to escape this painful situation and ultimately become UFC champion means that Ngannou has achieved an unexpected victory.

Now, the Predator has a bigger mountain to fight against Fury, but if there’s one thing Nicksick has learned over the years, it’s that he never doubts Ngannou’s ability.

“Sometimes that’s the right formula,” Nicksik said. “The Francis Ngannou story is such a damn movie. Why not end the movie with a knockout of the greatest heavyweight boxer of all time? That’s it. This guy always amazes me if he I wouldn’t be surprised to get a knockout in this fight.

“We have the toughest job ahead of us and I got all this stuff, but I’m glad we’re going to give it a try. No matter what happens, I’m proud of him – go make money, baby.”

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