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DISTURBED Made A Lot Of Money Touring This Summer

disturbed This summer marks a career high with their most successful tour to date.according to a report advertising billboard, disturbedThe band’s “Take Back Your Life” summer tour sold 336,000 tickets and grossed $17.4 million.

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Average attendance per show was 11,573, up from 2019’s average of 6,901.It is clear disturbed It’s become even more popular during the pandemic because that’s a pretty big increase. The largest show was held on September 2 at the Ruoff Home Mortgage Music Center in Noblesville, Indiana, with over 20,000 tickets sold.

Sure, $17.4 million sounds like a lot — and it is — but keep in mind that’s not including all the fees, possible penalties for activating the venue’s sprinkler system (twice), the fees paid to the companies that helped Cut the checks and expenses until everyone gets paid.So it’s not like the four people in it disturbed Just divide that money into four and buy a mansion somewhere, you know?

Speaking of the music industry after the epidemic, disturbed singer David Draiman The band’s progress was recently discussed.during an interview Audacy’s 99.9 KISW, Deleman When it comes to touring costs, they are absolutely sky-high, but disturbed Intend to keep doing what they do.

“I think the human body and The human spirit is incredibly resilient.i miss us yes Be traumatized. no doubt,” Deleman explain. “People from all walks of life, all ages. I think kids are the hardest hit by all this. When you’re stripped of those things that keep you focused, keep you connected, keep you challenged, It lasts a long time sometimes causing long term damage.

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“I think it can sometimes take people the rest of their lives to get back to the place they’re after, and it’s not just the psychological impact the whole experience has on us, but the financial impact it has on some people, the financial toll it takes. It destroys families. , destroying jobs, destroying the world. I mean, the impact is not just the lives that the virus has taken. It’s horrific.

“So it’s weird. I feel very, very lucky that we’re still one of the capable go back there and to Do what we do and what to do Keep Do what we love. Across the music industry, we lost two-thirds of our workforce. They’re gone. They go and do other things because in-person events won’t be possible for two to three years. So they had to put the food on the table.

“There are some bands like us that do their best for their crews, and we would do it again, but there are a lot of bands that can’t. People have to make a living. So now, you have a few people leaving. Now the costs are skyrocketing, and now everyone are struggling, and we still He gritted his teeth and wanted to get out. I think challenges make things better. ”

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