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5 Best Moments of Hozier’s ‘Unreal Unearth’ Tour – Billboard

Last month (September 13), Hozier celebrated the 10th anniversary of Take Me to Church — the Grammy-nominated, diamond-certified carnal worship song that catapulted him to fame — although the single remains A huge contribution to the music industry. It’s the lexicon of 21st century pop music, and it’s just one of countless exciting moments during Hozier’s Unreal Unearth tour, which kicks off Saturday night (September 30) at Madison Square Garden.

In support of his self-titled third studio album (which peaked at No. 3 on the Billboard 200 and topped the rock, folk, and alternative album charts), he embarked on a 25-city, Unreal Unearth Tour The concert found Hozier 10 years removed from his life – an explosive twist on “Church”, allowing tens of thousands of loyal fans to easily enjoy exciting live renditions of standout tracks from multiple EPs and albums.

Saturday night’s show was a career highlight for the 33-piece, featuring an incredibly talented band that blended the musical heritage of Ireland, New York City and Nashville, Tennessee, and was regularly lit up with bare, inverted trees and a sense of gratitude. Irish rock singer.Start off in a memorable way Unreal excavation In the introductory double-titled “De Selby (Part 1)” and “De Selby (Part 2),” Hozier takes Madison Square Garden on a journey through his exploration of love, desire, and the afterlife. and the most moving meditation on religion. Hozier is a very consistent live vocalist, and his voice – in addition to his guitar skills – is the heart of the show. He transitioned seamlessly from low falsetto coos to shaking the stage to its foundations with high belts and upbeat arrangements throughout the 19-song set – which includes “Movement,” “Eat Your Young” ” and “Jackie and Wilson.”

The Unreal Unearth tour’s simple stage set, which prioritized showcasing the band’s friendship and the physicality of each of their individual performances, perfectly captured why so many were so enamored with Hozier a decade ago. He has a reverence for the experience of making music and sharing it with the world. Whether it’s the way the camera lingers on the delicate way he strums his guitar, or the sensual moments of physical contact between the two band members, the entire production revels in the infinite possibilities of music and its creation. This joy and respect was reflected in the crowd, where a diverse group of faces shouted and responded and coordinated deafening cheers before “To Be Alone” in anticipation of a show-stealing encore.

Here are five of Hozier’s best moments from his Unreal Unearth tour, which hit New York City on Saturday night.

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