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Virginia Department Of Health Is Now Investigating Blue Ridge Rock Festival

Things haven’t been going well for the Blue Ridge Rock Festival lately. The festival was canceled midway due to what organizers called “extreme weather,” although it later emerged that a potential worker strike may have played a role. The Blue Ridge Rock Festival later issued a statement denying anything other than weather-related cancellations, noting that they were “unable to provide additional details at this time.”

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As fans wait for refunds and clarification, a new problem has arisen for Blue Ridge Rock Festival organizers – allegations of health issues. The Virginia Department of Health is investigating the Blue Ridge Rock Festival after many people reported gastrointestinal problems in the days after it ended.

The Virginia Department of Health released a survey asking anyone who attended the festival to report what they drank, whether they had access to hand-washing stations near the bathrooms, and whether anyone experienced “nausea” after attending the Blue Ridge Music Festival , vomiting and/or diarrhea” symptoms. Rock music festival. ” The survey can be accessed here.

The Virginia Department of Health wrote: “The Southern Health District is investigating a case of gastrointestinal illness among patrons who attended the Blue Ridge Rock Festival in Halifax, Virginia, from September 5-10, 2023. Complaint.” “We would like to thank you for investigating this situation and providing assistance by answering the questions in the online survey.

“We ask all festivalgoers to complete this survey, even if you are not sick. Collecting information about those who are sick and those who are not helps us identify and assess differences between the two groups. Please answer each question as completely as possible questions. Do not leave any questions blank. Please complete a separate survey for each person attending this event.

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“The information you provide in this investigation will be kept confidential. No personal data will be used in any reports or communications.”

according to a report WFXR Foxa man named Andy Pettit Suffered some pretty serious water consequences at the Blue Ridge Rock Festival. “There’s discoloration, there’s all kinds of stuff,” said petite. “I weigh 172 pounds now, which is 13 pounds less than when I was 13.”

“Our licensed nurse says Andy You need to go to the Employee Health Center immediately and tell them that you may have ingested a parasite, or at least been exposed to one. ”

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