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Stephen Espinoza trolls Dana White back on ‘idiotic abuse,’ tells UFC boss to shape up vocabulary

Showtime Boxing boss Stephen Espinoza first took a page from UFC CEO Dana White’s playbook and then hit him over the head with it.

In response to White’s recent tirade against him, Espinoza pretended to be “shocked” by the UFC boss’s behavior before warning that it could end up getting him into trouble for his public image as a public company.

“I’m shocked by these comments,” Espinosa told FightHype.com Following the press conference for the Canelo Alvarez vs. Jermell Charlo pay-per-view event. “We’ve always known Dana to be very clear, smart, and witty. It’s so weird that he would get angry and lose his temper. Who would have thought that he would be angry at someone. We’ve never seen that before, right? ?”

White was asked on Tuesday about reports that Showtime Boxing is shutting down, with the cable channel’s boxing operations set to cease at the end of the year. The UFC CEO cursed Espinoza, adding, “It’s time to take this damn product off the air.”

Espinoza dismissed reports that Showtime Boxing is ending after 37 years, pointing to his contentious relationship with White as the source of the recent outburst. Executives publicly clashed over the pay-per-view figures ahead of the co-promoted mega-fight between Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather, and White has taken every opportunity to attack Espinosa ever since.

“I think part of it is that I disagree with his misrepresentation of the events we attended together,” Espinosa said, referring to White’s contention that Money Fight is the all-time leader. Buy it on pay-per-view (he said the event is the second-biggest draw in the country, behind Mayweather vs. Manny Pacquiao). “I think it’s obvious. I don’t have to express it. I think people can put two and two together and see why he tends to single me out from most other people for this stupid abuse.

“If that’s the only way he can have some kind of conversation, then more power to him. I hope he can one day increase his vocabulary and learn how to speak more fluently and clearly. I think if you want to be a public company Leaders of companies, this might definitely help.”

Espinoza took another shot at White during a press conference when White touted Canelo’s potential $20 million purse for the fight against Charlo. White once again launched into a fiery diatribe, calling the Showtime executive a “scumbag.”

Below is Espinosa’s full interview with Canelo and Charlo and his ongoing feud with Whyte.

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