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Southern California city becomes first to realize legal rights of nonhuman animals

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(Korea Tourism Organization) – Ojai, California is now the first city in the United States to recognize the legal rights of non-human animals.

Ojai City Council voted to approve regulations Presented by Councilmember Leslie Rule (District 1) and with Non-human rights projects (NhRP) The vote was 4-1 on Tuesday night.

The NhRP said in a statement that the act defines and protects elephants’ right to freedom Press release.

“There is no doubt that elephants suffer when they are deprived of their liberty, and animal welfare laws do nothing to end their suffering,” said Courtney Fern, director of government relations and campaigns at the National Human Rights Protection Program. “As part of the elephant and non-human animal rights movement, we are proud to support this unprecedented ordinance, and we applaud the Ojai City Council for standing up for what is necessary and just.”

Elephants have been found to be very similar to humans. They are cognitively, emotionally and socially complex and can suffer trauma and brain damage if they are not allowed to roam freely or interact with other elephants, according to a release from the NhRP.

“We’ve long known that elephants have strong empathic responses to one another’s plight,” said Mark Scott, Ojai’s interim city manager. “I’m delighted that we can make a statement in support of these noble creatures’ place in our world.”

The Non-Human Rights Project is currently looking to work with other cities in California and across the country to pass similar legislation.

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