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Season two of state’s family show in the works after successful first season

NEW MEXICO (KRQE) – Could a TV show help New Mexico parents become better parents? That’s the goal of the new show “Alax’s Early Show,” which has already attracted thousands of people and its video streams now reach millions.

Blue, fuzzy, and focused on New Mexico families, Alien Arax has helped thousands of parents across the state.

“We are seeing tremendous excitement about this family-centered approach to building out New Mexico’s early childhood education system,” said Elizabeth Groginsky, Cabinet Secretary for the Department of Early Childhood Education and Care.

“Arax Early Show” is a product of the Early Childhood Education and Care Department.

These episodes help parents learn about being a parent and provide them with something to help them raise their “little people” with fun friends that kids can enjoy too.

The show just finished its first season, which has 6 episodes and teaches parents about play, nutrition, sleep and even language.

Since Alax premiered, the show’s YouTube page has received 5.6 million views and 20,000 subscribers. “I’ll be in a restaurant and I’ll hear that I met a parent. They’ll know that we work with early childhood education and care, and their child will light up when they talk about Alex.”

The state said the show also prompted more parents to use its services, such as day care and summer food programs. This will help the state achieve its overall goal of moving from last to first in child welfare.

“We know that when we build a system that works for families and young children, we’re going to see New Mexico move from 50th to higher numbers and really improve outcomes. So families are the first and most important priority for their children. Important teachers, parents, grandparents, extended family.”

As for Arax’s future, fans and families can look forward to the new season, which is currently in development. Season two will continue to highlight critical national service while also exploring themes such as fathers in children’s lives. “As a department, we can do everything we can to provide them with resources and information in a way that is easily accessible and retrievable so they can do the work they do every day to support their families. That is our department’s role in this administration .”

The second season of Arax’s Morning Show is expected to air in late October, following the Balloon Carnival.If you would like to learn more about The Early Show with Alax and the services the show talks about, we Here is a link.

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