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MEGADETH Stopped Their Show After Security “Bullied” A Fan

megadis Lead singer Dave Mustang The band stopped midway through a performance of Symphony of Destruction after security allegedly bullied a fan. The incident occurred on September 27 at Grossinger Auto Arena in Bloomington, Illinois.

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Mustaine He can be seen walking to the side of the stage to talk to security before he addresses the crowd through a microphone.

“I’m not going to play anymore until those guys are escorted out of the building, so please wait a minute. That’s so unnecessary,” said Mustaine. ‚ÄúThis is so unnecessary, you guys.

“You’re supposed to… What does it say on the back of your shirt? Safety? It’s supposed to say, ‘No fucking safety,’ because you guys are punks and you shouldn’t be fucking hitting that guy. You guys work in groups of four. . What a bunch of pussies… Get them out or I’m leaving. I don’t want to fucking hear them in the back. I want them out of here.”

Staff members were subsequently removed from the show, at which point Mustaine Adding: “These motherfuckers ruined my song. Sorry, this stuff pisses me off. I hate bullies. I fucking hate bullies.”

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